Monday, August 25, 2014

How To Decrease Stress During The Job Search on Wed, Sept. 10

Join Sarah Dubois, Certified Health Coach, on September 10, 6:30-8 PM and discover easy strategies to decrease stress and increase your energy and vitality while in career transition.

Sarah Dubois is a Certified Health Coach who has always had an interest in nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. While working at a large pharmaceutical company, Sarah facilitated an in-house weight-loss support group and worked closely with the Health and Wellness department to improve employee wellness programs.  In 2012, after being laid off, Sarah started her job search, which led to a career change as she decided to increase her knowledge in health and well-being and enrolled in the health-coaching course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Sarah has studied over 100 dietary theories, and practical lifestyle management techniques with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. With this knowledge, Sarah supports her clients in reaching their goals, including reducing stress, improving their confidence, increasing energy, and living healthy lifestyles. For additional information please go to her website

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Enjoyable Presentation by Kim Coburn

‘Unless you have made a career out of job searching, it’s not going to come easy.’ 

These were the opening lines spoken by Kim Coburn, founder and principal of The Coburn Company, a leadership development and executive coaching firm.  Kim uses her past experiences, including time spent as a recruiter and working in HR, to offer coaching to job seekers and to develop leaders and teams.

Kim’s humor-laced presentation recommended clear, concise, efficient communication when networking or being interviewed.  (‘Remember - a job search should be 20% looking for jobs and 80% networking.’)  The summary used to introduce yourself, in person or in a resume, should include your title, your metrics (a way to measure your progress), and your competencies (your selling points).

What job title are you seeking?  I introduce myself as a Financial Analyst.  Have you been doing that job for more than six years?  Yes, I have.  So I should be introducing myself as an experienced Financial Analyst.

How do you know that you are good?  You need to provide metrics, recognizable measurements of your work history.  I have a proven track record of meeting deadlines and client satisfaction.

What are you selling?  This is your chance to let your interviewer know what they will be getting when they hire you.  I’m very organized, detail-oriented, with high level computer and communication skills.

After her overview, Kim engaged the group in an inter-active discussion to help us to come up with our own ‘bullet point’ metrics.  She capably counseled each person individually to help us to come up with clear, concise titles, metrics and selling points – with diverse job titles ranging from Jewelry Designer to Call Center Manager.

All participants agreed that we walked away from this seminar with some new and helpful ideas.  Kim offered us a new technique to look at the manner with which we introduce ourselves in person, and to summarize ourselves on our resume.

Posted by Linda Wagner