Friday, December 12, 2014

Branding Yourself Online and In Person by Rachelle Lappinen

Rachelle Lappinen, Career Counselor at YWCA, shared tips for online job hunting on December 10 at our last WIN meeting for the year. She went over the "7 things to become an All Star on LinkedIn," that include Industry and Location; Current Position; 2 past positions; Education; Skills; Professional profile photo; and at least 50 connections. She encouraged participants to update their LinkedIn status at least once a week and share links to relevant newspaper articles or any announcements.

Rachelle shared statistics on the percentage of people who get their jobs from networking - it's a whopping 60%. She encouraged participants to go to networking meetings; seek informational interviews at the company that they are interested in; and connect to people via LinkedIn groups. Rachelle's presentation was really informative and appreciated by all the attendees.