Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Art of You by Rob Sarnie - February 10, 2016

Rob Sarnie, a Shrewsbury resident, is currently a Vice President of IT Product Management in the Corporate Technology Group at Fidelity Investments. Rob brings over 27 years of leadership experience. He is an IT executive who focuses on helping associates across Fidelity with Personal Branding, Career Planning, and maintaining a strong focus on the team.

During our WIN workshop on February 10th, Rob Sarnie invited participants to answer these questions;
Who are you?
What makes you unique?
What makes you a superman/superwoman?

These questions can be answered if you analyze your strengths, ask your co-workers how they view you and then create a "personal brand", that is unique. If you know your skills, capabilities and competencies and most importantly, the core values that shape you, you can define yourself.

Rob emphasized that it's important to promote your brand during all interactions and encounters whether in person or via email or on social media. The 4 key aspects of your brand are your look, how you sound, how you act, and what you believe. "Your brand is your reputation over time."

A very informative and interactive session that was beneficial to all the participants.