Friday, February 28, 2014

"Jobs, Careers, Lives & Futures" on March 12

Shrewsbury-based Joe Ryan is a learning and organizational development professional and a certified change and leadership coach with over 17 years of experience. His areas of expertise are change management, leadership development, supervisory and management development, critical thinking and problem solving.

This is the outline of his presentation:

  1. Let us reframe unemployment from something negative to an opportunity to reconsider your future and ALL its possibilities.
  2. The Futility of Cemented Beliefs and Actions
  3. Recognize Your Belief System and Its Impact on Your Ability to Change and Progress
  4. Dip Your Big Toe in the Pool of Constructive Change
To register for the workshop, please click here

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Green Careers by Jen Boudrie

Presenter Jen Boudrie gave job seekers another avenue to explore while searching for jobs--a career in a green industry. Opening with "The planet needs environmental sustainability and people need jobs," Jen provided a comprehensive overview of green jobs and how and where to find them.

Because of climate change, population growth, economic development and natural resource depletion, there are many opportunities for green jobs across industries. According to Jen, any job can be green--or greener. Government, businesses and nonprofits all offer opportunities for green careers. The fields of energy, water, materials/waste, purchasing, transportation and management are all looking for ways to be "greener."

Jen offered tips and resources for those interested in exploring green careers and held a Q & A at the conclusion of her presentation. 

Cynthia Carlson - WIN participant

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mick Verran's presentation

On Wednesday evening, eighteen job seekers benefited from presenter Mick Verran's vast experience in planning, managing and executing job searches. Mick introduced the concept of a "portfolio career," a strategy particularly helpful to those who have many interests and a variety of career experiences. A combination of projects, consulting, sub-contracting, teaching, coaching and products can create a good mix of employment opportunities. For those who are seeking full-time employment, Mick provided a structured approach to targeting potential employers, planning a job search and managing your time effectively. Key to both approaches is careful consideration of financial implications and personal interests and motivation. 

Cynthia Carlson, WIN participant