Monday, January 28, 2013

How to "fix resume holes"

Participants in our workshops have been wondering what to put in the resume when there is a gap in one's work experience or if one has been laid off. Here is a link to an article that addresses these questions:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scott Casavant : Perspectives from a Hiring Director

Scott Casavant, Senior Finance Director at EMC Corp., gave an insightful presentation highlighting the various aspects of an interview and suggested ways to strengthen the resume.
He pointed out that hiring managers are looking for characteristics like accountability, adaptability, communication, energy and integrity. What they do not want to see includes job hopping, indifference, lack of originality, unpreparedness and being unprofessional.
Before the interview, candidates should :
·        reflect on their interest and skills

·        research and review the company’s website and get up-to-date on technology

·        update their resume

·        prepare for the interview (be honest, practice for interview questions and stay positive)

·        stay confident (prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ that they can use during the interview)

·        network
Scott also discussed some mock interview questions and scenarios. He concluded the session with resume tips. He stressed that candidates should keep their resume simple and that they should include unique accomplishments and interests that will grab the employer’s attention.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Job posting in Shrewsbury Sears

Just wanted to share this information:

1000 Boston Turnpike Rd. Shrewsbury Ma.
· Apparel Assistant
· Pricing and Merchandising

Cliff Hakim’s workshop on Rethinking Work

Cliff Hakim (founder of Rethinking Work®, a career consulting and executive coaching firm in Arlington, Massachusetts) led an interactive workshop last evening. He explained how we should clarify, appreciate, and organize our strengths –skills, aptitudes, values, and nuances – and incorporate these career anchors and passions into a plan for taking action to materialize meaningful work. He guided the participants through an exercise to help identify their core values. He stressed that we should use our core value to achieve our work goals. “It’s not about what you are good at,”he said, “it’s about choosing the skills that give you joy.”
Here is a link to Cliff's website :

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

6 great questions to ask on a job interview

Hello everyone!

Warm wishes for a very Happy New Year!!!

Please check out the link below for an interesting article (by Amy Levin-Epstein) about questions to ask on a job interview.