Thursday, June 27, 2013

Building A Job-Search Toolbox - Randall Warniers

Randall Warniers led an informative workshop titled ‘Building a Job Search Toolbox.’ During the presentation, he provided useful insights and tips for job seekers. “The better the tools you have to work with, and the more you know how to use those tools, the more effective you’ll be at getting the job done,” he said. His presentation covered 5 areas of improvement:
(1)  The new resume: Your resume will get 10-30 seconds to make an impression. The top third of the page is your resume impact zone, so make it forceful and compelling. Your resume should be accurate, brief and clear.
(2)  Networking skills: An effective networker facilitates connections and provides value in any exchange. The 6 fundamental components of effective networking skills are - excellent business cards, a professional email address, an effective name tag for networking events, good grooming and high-quality clothing, a memorable first impression and an engaging social manner.
(3)  Social media is emerging as the way people communicate and do business. The fundamental components of your online presence in social media are – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, a website/blog, videos on YouTube, appealing and appropriate photographs, and positive participation in discussion groups.  
(4)  Technological literacy: The pace of technological change is very rapid. To keep up with it, Warniers advised that we stay in school, attend seminars and conferences, do webinars, take classes, read books, be fluent in the language of our field, listen closely to our passions and follow our bliss.   
(5)  Personal entrepreneurship: You are the CEO of Me, Inc. (read Tom Peter’s article ‘The Brand Called You’). You are an effective solution to somebody’s ongoing problem. The better you understand the solutions you offer and the problems that need to be solved, and the better you communicate the solutions you offer, the more effective you’ll be at being the best solution.
Do something every day to enhance your toolbox. With the right skills and tools in your toolbox, you will overcome the obstacles and create your dream job.

Friday, June 21, 2013

WIN Workshop on Wed., June 26, 6.30-8pm

Building a Job-Search Toolbox
Randall Warniers (Principal at RW Communications & Design)
·       Competing in a wired world and a rapidly changing marketplace
·       Meeting demands of today’s new world of work
·       Acquiring necessary skills to compete effectively and be employable

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your Job Search : Dream BIG, Focus Small - Maureen Weisner

At the WIN workshop, Maureen Weisner (Professional Trainer and Coach) emphasized that we should identify our dream, plan and work towards it.  She encouraged participants to write down 3 things that they treasured and were grateful for. She advised that one should put this note where one can see it often. She explained how making a change can be intimidating for anyone. We should disengage ourselves, get off the hamster wheel and take steps towards making the change.  For example, buying a book about Marathon Training does not mean you ran the marathon but it is a step towards it. Sometimes, what holds us back is the thought that everybody can do what we can do. We don’t value ourselves. We should do more of what we are good at so that we can notch up that skill to a higher level. It is great to have a dream and it is important to articulate it. She concluded by emphasizing that we should follow our dream.   

Thursday, June 6, 2013

WIN Workshop on Wed., June 12, 6.30-8pm

Your Job Search – Dream BIG, Focus Small
Maureen Weisner (Professional Trainer and Coach)

  • Rejuvenate your job search
  • Start a job search after a break
  • Impact of change on your job search