Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Show Them, Don't Tell Them" with Joanne Dennison

No wonder Joanne Dennison is known as "The Guidance Counselor for Grown-ups!" She drew in the participants at the meeting on December 9th, elicited their stories, and gave them valuable feedback.

She shared nuggets such as:

  • Have three or more go-to words - adjectives that describe you and build your stories around them.
  • Don't let the interviewer take control of the interview. You have to steer the conversation so that you highlight your strengths.
  • Give examples from your work experience to demonstrate what you've done to create an impact in your company.
  • Ask your friends or colleagues to use three words to describe you. Remember that "compliments are gifts given to you."
  • You could also tell your stories to your friends and ask them to say what qualities are revealed through those stories.
Practical information that will help job seekers and anyone who wants to communicate effectively. Thank you Joanne!