Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cindy Key's workshop on Effective Networking Strategies

At the WIN workshop last night, Cindy Key, talked about effective networking strategies. She explained why it is difficult to connect and seek help during a job search.
She highlighted 3 points:
DITCH. In our job search, we should ditch/eliminate a mindset or habit. For some of us, we might want to ditch sitting behind a computer and filling out online applications. We should try to call our target company and follow it on LinkedIn. Recruiters will not hire you till they know you, like you, and trust you.
DARE. We should dare to take a risk. We should make a presence/have visibility to recruiters. We should aim at having at least 125 contacts on LinkedIn.
DO. We should set a task that we must accomplish. We should optimize our search engines on LinkedIn. Recruiters get to know you by your LinkedIn profile, twitter feeds etc. We should ensure that our references know about us because recruiters will talk to our references first. We should be clear about what we want to be known for and communicate the same to our references.
Some of the tips shared by Cindy include:
·        Don’t ask for a job…ask for a connection.
·        Update your picture on LinkedIn
·        Drop the go-it-alone attitude. Find a buddy with the same goal.
·        Seek and be open to feedback
You can check out Cindy’s blog for more tips and help with your job search.

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