Thursday, February 27, 2014

Green Careers by Jen Boudrie

Presenter Jen Boudrie gave job seekers another avenue to explore while searching for jobs--a career in a green industry. Opening with "The planet needs environmental sustainability and people need jobs," Jen provided a comprehensive overview of green jobs and how and where to find them.

Because of climate change, population growth, economic development and natural resource depletion, there are many opportunities for green jobs across industries. According to Jen, any job can be green--or greener. Government, businesses and nonprofits all offer opportunities for green careers. The fields of energy, water, materials/waste, purchasing, transportation and management are all looking for ways to be "greener."

Jen offered tips and resources for those interested in exploring green careers and held a Q & A at the conclusion of her presentation. 

Cynthia Carlson - WIN participant

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