Friday, May 16, 2014

Dr. Becker's Informative Presentation

Drawing from his years of experience working with hiring managers, human resources professionals and executives, Ethan Becker, president and senior coaching partner of The Speech Improvement Company, Inc., shared some practical, proven techniques for people to use before, during and after the interview. He started by defining the interview as the "getting and receiving of information."

Because nervousness is often a concern for interviewees, Dr. Becker demonstrated two techniques to help control the accompanying physical symptoms: diaphragmatic breathing and, what he called the "ten second relaxer," a subtle way in which to create a pressure point to which to redirect stress.

He discussed the four elements of an interview that candidates should think about and focus on: time; place; people, and purpose; and how each of those elements factors into the interview experience. He also outlined five key pieces of information that the candidate should be sure to incorporate into the interview: a can-do statement to reinforce your ability to perform the job; a benefit statement illustrating how your contributions will benefit the team and the company; your experience and background and how they'll translate to the new position; your work style and; an action statement such as asking for a time frame for a decision.

Dr. Becker stressed the importance of having a theme for your candidacy so that you can be sure to convey the most important thing you want the interviewer to remember about you professionally and personally. A theme can be a valuable tool to guide candidates when they're faced with a question they're not quite sure how to answer. Themes should be reinforced with examples and stories to make them more relevant to the discussion.

The presentation concluded with some excellent advice - Always be authentic. Attendees received some customized answers to their specific questions, and left with a firmer understanding of the interview process and how to successfully navigate through it.

Cynthia Carlson, WIN Coordinator

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