Monday, April 13, 2015

Developing Resilience for an Evolving World by Joe Ryan

This is the outline of Joe Ryan's presentation on April 8th. It was appreciated by all the attendees.

1. Let us reframe unemployment from something negative to an opportunity to reconsider your future and ALL of its possibilities.
a. Reinvention or adjustment?
b. The path to self-discovery
c. Happiness first!
2. The Futility of Cemented Beliefs and Actions
a. A radically changed job market requires radically changing perspectives
b. Have you radically changed or are you still engaging in the same principles, beliefs, dogmas, and actions?
c. The power of “Why?”
d. The natural resistance to change and its consequences
3. Recognize Your Belief System and Its Impact on Your Ability to Change & Progress
a. How your prism both guides and derails your success
b. Challenge your assumptions, inferences, and propensity to practice circular thinking.
c. Understand your inner gremlin and commit to its defeat.
4. Dip Your Big Tow in the Pool of Constructive Change
a. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone!
b. Be your own architect of change instead of its victim.
c. How to take baby steps.
d. Keep a journal and measure your amazing progress!
e. Cleanse your environment of negative influences!
5. Tools
a. Discover assessment tools that can help you discover new and exciting possibilities!
b. Action Planning

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