Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Interview as Seen From the Other Side of the Table by Bruce MacDonald

On 10/14 Bruce MacDonald gave some great interview tips:

  • Think of the questions you would ask if someone was interviewing for the job you're applying to
  • Understand the needs of any job before you're interviewed
  • The hiring process is designed to weed you out, so prove that you're the best person for the job
  • Learn about interview styles, possible questions, responses and traps
  • Before the interview, there can be phone screening, video screening or in-person screening
  • Find out about the company from their website, social media pages or the employee handbook, if you can get it
  • Be ready for a behavioral interview or a situational or case interview.
  • Avoid canned answers and cliches
  • Be ready with examples or how you improved a situation and have quantifiable results
Some trap questions to be wary of:

  • What is the worst job or supervisor you ever had?
  • Describe a negative review you received
  • What would you change about your last job?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
Be prepared with a few questions to ask the interviewer. Some examples are:

  • How will I be reviewed? When? By whom?
  • Describe the culture of your company
  • What is the typical career trajectory for this job?
  • Do you have any reservations about me that I can address for you now?
All the attendees enjoyed Bruce's presentation.

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