Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jill Huggett's workshop on Informational Interviews

Certified Professional Career Coach and Resume Writer, Jill Huggett, conducted a workshop last night about Informational Interviews.

She stressed on the importance of networking as the #1 tool for getting jobs. She mentioned that 70% of jobs are got from networking. "Networking, job boards and recruiters are the three main components of a successful job search", she said. An informational interview is a networking tool used to gather information/research, broaden your network and obtain more contacts. She explained how second connections in LinkedIn are key for networking.

Jill advised that a candidate should try to reach out to someone in the HR department of a company and schedule an informational interview to learn about the culture of the company and to find out who they are looking to hire. Informational interviews will help expand your network and get you more information and contacts.

Jill, a Hiring Manager with 20+ years of experience in building a successful career in financial services, recommended that LinkedIn is critical to your professional life. She touched upon functional resumes (accomplishments-driven resumes) being more effective. As a first step, she encouraged everyone to write down the names of 3 people to call today.

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