Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nancy Dube's workshop on Customizing Resumes

Seasoned HR professional, Nancy Dube, presented a great workshop about how to customize your resume and addressed the obstacles faced during a job search.

Some of the points in her presentation were:

· Your resume should reflect that you are a fast learner, high achiever and a quick adapter with diversified skills.

· Functional resumes are key. What sets you apart is your accomplishments/achievements.

· It is alright to show time gaps. You should explain what you did to fill in the time(e.g. volunteer expeience, resumed classroom studies, joined a committee etc.)

· Don’t lie in your resume.

· An older employee’s resume can show the past 10-12 years of experience instead of 25+ years

· Recruiters are always looking for people who are lifelong learners and willing to work.

Nancy also touched upon how stay-at-home moms and entrepreneurs can join the workforce. She said that their resume should reflect transferrable/portable skills.

She concluded the workshop by going over resumes and helping the attendees fix their resumes.


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