Friday, March 14, 2014

Joe Ryan's Inspirational Message

Joe Ryan’s message was:
·        We are not experiencing a Recession, but an Evolution.  Evolutionary times on Steroids!
·        Employees are now considered contractual, versus permanent.
·        Develop your “change muscles” – try a new restaurant; find new ways home; jump into social media. Joe recommended the website,, for trying new things.

What to avoid: G.A.I.L
·        Gremlin ~ That inner voice of self doubt that sabotages our self-confidence and derails us from the future we desire and deserve.  Identify it, and tell it to shut up, and go away!
 ·       Assumptions ~ Those beliefs that have no foundation.  They are often wrong and may get us in trouble. For example, “That company must be a horrible place.  I'll never get hired there because I don't have any political connection.”

·        Interpretations ~ Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?  

·        Limiting Beliefs ~ Beliefs that filter our experience and not anchored in reality.  For example,” Anyone over 50 is too old to return to school.”

Joe recommended two books:
·         "The Reinventing of You" by Dorie Clark
·         "The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a time of Brilliant Technologies" by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. 
            Posted by Sandra Billings, WIN participant

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