Thursday, May 23, 2013

What If It's Time For A Change? - Jackie Woodside

“What if it’s time for a change?”asked Jackie Woodside (Author, Speaker and Professional Coach) at the WIN workshop last night. During the presentation, Jackie shared insights from her book and helped participants understand the dynamics of the human change process. She said that the main problem was that most people do not understand how to create meaningful, successful, long-lasting change! For a solution, one has to learn the critical elements to mastering change. The following are the 4 keys to managing change and creating a life of meaning, success, productivity and ease.
1.     Develop a PLAN to manage the change: Most people spend very little time planning what they want to accomplish in life, and therefore accomplish very little of what they want.
2.     Establish super SUPPORT: We are relational beings by nature. Therefore, we all can reach higher and be more in the face of meaningful supportive relationships with like-minded people.
3.     Align your ACTIONS with your VALUES: Become incredibly clear that the change you seek is aligned with what you value and be sure that those elements are present in your schedule, so that you know they will be present in your life.
4.     Establish ACCOUNTABILITY: Very little gets accomplished in life without some form of accountability. Create a structure for the change you want to make where you need to be accountable for the actions you commit to taking.
Every change begins with a plan, so create a plan for living the life you love!

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