Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Elevator Speech: Getting You To The Next Level by Anne Crawford

WIN workshop on Wed, April 9, 6:30-8 PM
Your elevator speech is a wonderful way to introduce yourself at a casual or business meeting or situation. As you will learn through Anne Crawford's workshop, the 3 elements involved in forming a strong elevator speech will give you clarity on not only who you want to attract, but what skills you have to show them what a powerhouse you really are. She will work one on one as much as possible and answer any questions you have about how to word your speech, what environments work the best for the formal or casual elevator speech, and most of all leave you feeling empowered.

Anne Crawford is a certified Career Transition Coach who has been in business for six years. Before becoming a coach she lead personal growth workshops which included accepting your personality type, how to move forward in life with goal setting, and exercises to diminish the hold  that our “fears” have on us. She has appeared on radio shows and has had several of her articles published in magazines. Her focus has been with helping the military find success on and off the battleground with a concentration on resume writing and finding a positive career in civilian life. She also helped run the Employment Support Group of Norton with Bill Lippincott for 5 years which included, resume writing, mock interviewing skills, goal setting, handling the stress, networking and other personal issues. 

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